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Logistics & Distribution

With the ever-changing pace of business today, the need for an efficient high performing logistic solution is a must. Change is inherent.

Through our extensive global network, PTM is able to offer logistic solutions from warehousing, transport, packaging, customs brokerage, freight forwarding and consolidation.

Our 'from beginning to end' service gives our customers a peace-of-mind knowing that the complete supply chain solution is in the hands of globally experienced experts who have both the knowledge and tools to enable a sustainable and profitable operation.

Integrated Supply

Our Integrated Supply solution was developed to help clients set-up and manage inventoried items following receipt within their facilities. Most companies invest in alternative systems to manage crib inventories. PTM's application allows replenishment orders to be processed seamlessly.

1) Inventory Analysis

2) Layout and Design

3) Implementation and Support

4) Stock Implementation

5) Supplier Collaboration and Integration

6) Inventory Management Support

PTM has many years of experience in distribution.

In 1998, with the concept of wall decor, PTM Images launched its own brand in to the market. We invested in our own needs in the areas of design, sales and marketing, and distribution as well as managing our supply chain.

Today, PTM Images is one of the top 5 wall decor manufacturers in North America.

The company's distribution network consists of private labels, propriety brands and recognized brands represented not only in North America but also Europe and the Asia Pacific.

PTM's distribution experience comes from our success to yours.