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Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Social Responsibility
Commitment to our employees' well-being is a primary tenant of PTM's company philosophy. 
PTM Global Sourcing's "Code of Conduct" both internally and at our Raw Material suppliers is strictly adhered to. "Health and Safety" is our motto, and rigorous training is given to each and every employee before beginning their time at PTM.

In addition, we provide in-house medical care, free transport, and numerous benefits to ensure that we meet and exceed labor standards. 

Environmental Management
Our philosophy is to create a better sustainable earth for our people. Our numerous Environmental initiatives range from:
1) Comprehensive waste management.
2) Recycling of our waste and other waste from the community.
3) Using our recycled waste to generate new Product.

Going forward we will continue to adopt energy efficient technologies to conserve energy and support our supply chain partners to also improve their sustainability goals as well as improving their Carbon Footprint. PTM recognizes that to continue to have sustainability at the forefront is an arduous challenge, however, we believe that all the steps we are taking will help achieve focus from our employees, customers and suppliers.

TOGETHER, we will continue our efforts to make the world a better place.