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Experience in Global Sourcing remains one of the core strengths at PTM. We offer you experienced professionals who have lived, worked and sourced in the Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America. Our sourcing experience in these countries allows us to bring you top performing services from monitored and audited manufacturers.

Our category expertise combined with our strategic sourcing competency allows us to unlock hidden value for our clients. Industrial companies require qualified suppliers who can meet both products and service requirements.
Throughout the strategic sourcing process described below, we focus on the needs of the end-user so that identified savings become realized savings

Strategic Sourcing Process
Items and Service Discovery
Opportunity Assesment
Supplier Qualification
Bid development and processing
Negotiation and Contracting
Supply Structure and implementation

Procurement Outsourcing
We recognize that outsourcing procurement is a major decision and we welcome your detailed review of our background, qualifications and "on-shore outsourcing" approach.  No matter how complex your environment, we have the skills, experience and capabilities that lead to a mutually beneficial business relationship.
PTM Global Sourcing supplements client procurement capabilities with:
  • Successful program management experience
  • Commodity category expertise
  • Best-in-class workflow automation
  • Aggressive spend aggregation
  • Thoughtful supply base consolidation
  • Efficient "Purchase to Pay" processing
  • Intuitive inventory management
  • Supplier financial settlement
  • Data driven supplier management
  • Consolidated invoicing with drill down and reconciliation
  • Comprehensive compliance reportinG

Additionally, we have access to over 3,000 global suppliers and quality-conscious partners who will support us in offering you products at a competitive pricing with reliable on-time delivery.

With a lean Supply Chain, PTM will guide you from design conception to finished product closely  in order to ensure that the process is as stress-free as possible for you and your business.